Ashley Hurner


why bdh+young rules?

I get to be part of a highly collaborative firm where highly trained design professionals have the privilege of doing what they love everyday. It’s a great atmosphere to work in!

why design matters?

Whether or not people realize it, they are affected by design every day. A project is more than its size, sparkle, or how pretty it looks. If it’s not designed right, those characteristics will fade quickly. Design matters because it exists to better serve an individual, a community, and beyond. By thinking and understanding the bits and pieces that drive a design, architects and designers are able to craft an exquisite space for people to live in, work in, and enjoy.

favorite childhood memory?

I enjoyed when my entire family got together for everything. No one missed an event or a holiday together. So for me, the 4th of July was always my favorite at the lake.

when I'm not at work, I like to...

I like to spend time with friends and/or family, or on the road going somewhere new with my pals.

when I'm in the kitchen, I cooking...

Breakfast food. For breakfast, dinner, or supper, you honestly can’t go wrong.