Ben Koster



why bdh+young rules?

Two words, the people.  The staff here at bdh+young help create an atmosphere in which constant collaboration and camaraderie result in  the highest level of design.

why design matters?

Design, whether it’s architecture or the design of a toaster , affects our lives every minute of every day.  It helps determine how we interact with the world around us.

best movie ever and why?

National Lampoon’s Animal House.  As Bluto would say “Why not?!”

favorite childhood memory?

Fishing all day from the shores of Meadowbrook Lake.  We’d ride our bikes out there in the morning and not come home until dinner.  We caught mostly bullhead and carp, but it didn’t matter.

when I’m not at work, I like to...

Spend time with friends and family in any way possible.  Life is short and I feel I need to appreciate what I have while I have it.