Dan Ruegemer

Marketing & Business Development Director

why bdh+young rules?

The culture at bdh+young is special.  Very talented, creative people with a work hard, play hard attitude.  Clients love to visit the office…see how we work.  It’s rewarding to see everyone working together for a common goal.

why design matters?

The design of a space, like the design of a piece of art, can create a positive vibe as you pass by.  You’re not quite sure why, but it feels right.  When you can’t quite put your finger on why you like it… that’s successful design.

favorite hobby and why?

I like to play cards.  I grew up playing a variety of card games with my family, and to this day get together with my parents and 6 siblings to get in a few rounds of our favorite card game “Pitch.”

favorite childhood memory?

Fishing and swimming on the family fishing resort, as well as playing pond hockey all winter long.  Watching the North Stars as a family in the evenings was another highlight of my childhood.

best movie ever and why?

The Big Lebowski – John Goodman’s character is hilarious, and the Dude reminds me of who I might have become if I had never met my wife!