David Stone


Project Manager

why design matters?

It affects every aspect of life, even when we are sleeping. Specific to interior design, it affects your health and life in ways we are still working to fully understand. It’s sooooo much more than color!

why bdh+young rules?

While still a newbie, the friendliness and openness is refreshing. When no one, and I do mean no one, can say a bad word about a firm, that means that everything is going right!

when I'm not at work, I like to...

read a good map. Seriously. I’ve learned so much about our world just by looking at places I’ve been to, want to go to, or may never get to. The investigation can lead to some exciting “discoveries” about our world and ourselves. Thank god for Google Earth!

favorite hobby and why?

Cooking and eating, not necessarily in that order. I love being able to put good food on both the nightly table as well as for special occasions. Give me a recipe, some stellar ingredients, pots and pans, and I’m good to go.

best movie ever and why?

While ever-changing (there are just too many great ones out there), one of my current favorites is “Galaxy Quest.” There’s something about a good tongue-in-cheek spoof poking fun at all those nerdy sci-fi classics.