Emily Paetzel

Senior Technical Designer

why bdh+young rules?

At bdh+young we treat each other like family. Our end  goal is to make our clients happy! With our creative design skills, we are able to combine our ideas and support each other through our proven design process.

why design matters?

Design is the element that portrays your business. Good design will leave a memorable impression and make you stand out.

when I'm not at work, I like to...

Go fishing with my husband.  I grew up fishing with my dad, and now my husband and I spend any free time we have out on the boat. We like to explore new lakes in the central MN area we will drive 6 hours (round-trip) and fish for 3 if we hear there’s a hot bite!

favorite childhood memory?

Going to Canada for two weeks every summer before school starts. Most of my mom’s family immigrated to Canada from the Philippines. It was two weeks of visiting with family, eating and shopping.

best movie?

Aristocats. I love cats and any movie with a love story. It’s my perfect movie!