Jeffrey Gears


Vice President of Architecture

why design matters?

Design matters because it surrounds us and effects our lives daily. Design transforms spaces into places – and although it may not always be something that everyone can verbalize or explain, good design is something that everyone gravitates to. As such it’s our job as Architects and Designers to help people find and experience those extraordinary places

why bdh+young rules?

I live by the motto that if works not fun then why would you do it? It’s great to be in an environment where I’m surrounded by extremely talented hard working people that have a passion for good design – but also have a passion for life and have fun while interacting with clients, each other, and when getting the work done.

favorite hobby and why?

As a father of 3 amazing kiddos, hobbies aren’t really something that I get a whole lot of time to enjoy – but traveling, going to live music shows, and following my NDSU Bison are things I try doing as much as possible.

best movie ever and why?

Star Wars (I mean really, if I answer Star Wars do you need to ask why?)

music currently listening to?

Definitely an eclectic mix – modern/attentive rock, hip hop, house/dance.