Jenna Donovan

Project Designer

why bdh+young rules?

The culture around the office is young, fun & energetic! The work space is innovative, trendy & collaborative.  I feel inspired to do great work & enjoy all the talented people I work with!

why design matters?

Design matters because it affects the atmosphere of every space we inhibit…which in my opinion affects the experience you have there, the mood you leave with, the memory you remember later on, and your desire to return.  It is my passion as an Interior Designer to affect as many people’s lives for the better that I can!

favorite hobby and why?

Photography. It’s almost a challenge or game to me to capture the perfect shot in each situation – and when you do it feels AMAZING!

favorite childhood memory?

Messing around on the family farm & hanging out with all my cousins at family gatherings.

when I'm not at work, I like to...

Relax and have fun!  Bonfires – Lake Time – Comedy Shows – Concerts/Festivals – Sporting Events – Movies – Casino.
Any chance I get to hang out with family and friends – I’m in!