Joyce Stupnik



why bdh+young rules?

The people at bdh+young inspire me in endless ways.  Not just each person as an individual, but the team we become when we walk through the front door.  The people here make the future unknown.  In terms of a business, the unknown is usually a scary thought.  In the case of bdh+young, the team brings endless possibilities.  Coming to work each day without a limit on what the future can hold is motivating, inspiring, and validating to the career I have chosen. 

why design matters?

At the core of every human being there is creativity, whether through the artistry needed to paint a masterpiece, the critical thinking to cure a disease, or the problem solving to come up with the next great invention.  Design allows us to use our deep-rooted need to create.  Speaking to the specific area of architecture and interior design, we trust the built environment with our safety, our senses, and our daily lives.  Design doesn’t just matter, it is vitally important because it dictates the world we see, touch, smell, and hear every waking moment of our lives. 

favorite hobby and why?

DIY projects around my home.  It is another outlet for my creativity, and I find the problem solving and sense of accomplishment satisfying.

when I’m not at work, I like to...

Go to the gym and challenge my mind and body with a great work-out.  Working up a good sweat is my way to relieve stress and refocus.  

Who do you look up to and/or who do you hope to be a good example for?

I look up to every honest, hardworking woman in business.  There are so many good examples around me that it is hard to settle on just one.  I hope that I am just as good of an example to the younger generation of women in our office.  I hope I inspire them to be creative, to be critical thinkers, and to be excited about their future at bdh+young.