Katie Nay

Technical Designer

Why bdh+young rules?

bdh+young rules because they care about people both personally and professionally. They want to help you grow and become a better version of yourself. AND, I don’t have to pay for parking!

Why design matters? 

Design matters because we live in it. It impacts and makes an impression on our minds and bodies. A good design impacts the mind and body in a positive way, while also being tasteful and efficient. Design strives to be better while also making its surroundings better.


favorite hobby?

It’s a tie between music and art. I play violin and alto saxophone and am currently in a jazz band playing sax. As far as artwork, I do a lot of portraits of people and pets that are either for gifts or commissioned work.

favorite childhood memory?

Traveling to Germany, Italy and Austria when I was 10 years old.

favorite movie ever?

Napoleon Dynamite because it’s so stupid that it’s funny and also extremely mindless.