Kim Dennis


Managing Partner

why bdh+young rules?

Two reasons; our people + our clients.
Mentoring and learning from the next generation inspires me, and makes every day and every project rewarding.  Technology fascinates me.

Partnering with our clients becomes more fulfilling year after year. Clients have many great options when choosing a design or architectural partner.  We are honored when they choose us.  We’re good listeners, great designers, and not afraid to have some fun along the way!

why design matters?

I heard the famous Buckminster Fuller speak to a group of University students who were studying Architecture and Design when I was in college. What a wise man he was. He told us…… “you have the opportunity to improve the environment we work and live in each and every day.” That has stayed with me as I work with clients in many different market sectors. 
As Designers and Architects we get to create those solutions.  That’s rewarding work.

music currently listening to?

A very wide net here! Traveling in Europe, I like to buy CD’s of street musicians, concerts, gypsies, you name it! Enjoying them later brings me back to exactly where I was when I heard them…..inspired by the architecture, people, food, and wine…

Between Sirius and Spotify, I’ve got all the rest covered.

when I'm not at work, I like to...

Golf, ski, organic garden, and spend time with family and friends enjoying great wine and exploring new restaurants. I LOVE to travel, travel, and travel! It expands my mind and inspires me. And, of course, everyone knows I’m a proud gal from North Dakota, and love cheering on the NDSU Bison!

who do you look up to?

Hands down; my parents. My Mom grew up during the war in England; she spent time in bomb shelters and was evacuated out of the country when things got really tough. Her entire family survived and thrived. She achieved so much starting from such a humble childhood. My Dad served our country in the military, retiring as “The Colonel” (which we fondly still call him today). He had a dual career designing highways and bridges. He taught me how to learn and communicate with people from all walks of life. Valuable and priceless!