Lauren Rutzick


Senior Project Designer

why design matters?

Design matters because the same solution does not apply to all clients. Each project is unique, and therefore we must approach each project uniquely. It’s our job to understand what your wants and needs are, and to present creative solutions to you.

why bdh+young rules?

After working for bdh+young for five years, I left and moved to Chicago. Two years later I’m making my return to the firm, that’s because the people drew me back. Second to the people, bdh+young allows you to be successful in taking your career as far as you want to take it. You are allowed to flourish, learn, network and grow, all while having fun.

when I'm not at work, I like to...

you can find me working out (ok, and socializing) at the gym, getting creative in the kitchen, getting involved with local synagogue young-adult programs and playing with dogs (I wish I could adopt them all, sigh).

best movie ever and why?

Save The Last Dance – it’s never too late to “start over” doing something you’re passionate about! Plus it’s got a great soundtrack and takes place in my favorite city (Chicago).

favorite hobby and why?

Currently – powerlifting. After doing my first competition, it taught me the importance of setting goals and working towards those goals. Powerlifting has a very supportive and inclusive community, which is what I love so much about it. I’ve learned that the body is capable of doing anything the mind believes it can overcome and achieve.