Marika Defillo

Project Designer

why bdh+young rules?

It’s simple really…Passion, commitment and no shortcuts.  Because of those 3 elements, each individual strives to be more innovative than yesterday, delivering the best client service possible, and recognizes that teamwork is our greatest asset.

why design matters?

I believe that our environment directly affects our emotional well-being, and has a substantial impact on our productivity, attitude, health and overall quality of life.  Good design is always functional and encompasses the Principles of Design.

when I'm not at work, I like to...

Spend time with my family.  Friday evenings are our signature “Family night out”.  Each week someone gets to plan our next outing; be it dinner at a restaurant, bowling, movie or game night.  It keeps things interesting and everyone engaged.

favorite childhood memory?

I grew up in South Africa, where we did a lot of camping…usually for extended periods at a time. At some point you just become immersed with the Bushveld [sub-tropical woodland ecoregion] and wildlife, it was great!

favorite hobby?

I enjoy Swimming and playing Squash.  It clears my mind.