Matthew O’Keefe

Architectural Associate/Project Manager

why bdh+young rules?

Pre-bdh+young, I spent eleven years at an “Architectural” firm. It wasn’t until I got to bdh+young that I experienced the connection that architecture has with interior design & interior design has with architecture, from the first sketch stroke of the pencil. The power and advantage we have working side-by-side with both disciplines has translated into the success of our buildings. I challenge everyone who visits our office to walk through our Design Studio on a Thursday Morning. The atmosphere exploding from the studio explains the level of talent, creativity, and dedication bdh+young employs.

why design matters?

Design = Intent and Knowledge.  As architects and designers, we incorporate the years of knowledge and experience that translates into our intent to always create a space that will work specifically for clients and the life of their space.

when I’m not at work, I like to...

Outside of chaos and fun that comes with family and kids, what I really have come to enjoy is just sitting down with my wife and watching TV Series Shows. Before the two of us know it, the clock strikes 12:30 am, and we both realize we have to get up in the morning.  It is great down time away for the outside world that we can spend together in suspense and intrigue.  HBO and FX have me hooked, I CAN’T STOP…

best movie ever and why?

Top Gun – “Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby.”

favorite childhood memory?

My dad and I were coming home from a little league baseball game when I was 13.  He slowly pulled over the 1980 2-Door Black Chevy Malibu to the side of the road, tossed the keys over to me, and told me I could drive home!  That was my first taste of a small block 350 motor under my right foot…