Megan Duffy Sananikone



why bdh+young rules?

There is a lot of talk about “office culture” out there. This intangible thing that everyone strives to create. The funny thing is, the best cultures are born of a random gathering of individuals that bring their own unique spark – those sparks creating a fire that is all the better for the many that created it.

why design matters?

There are obvious reasons why design matters. Certain functions within a space, when well designed, can make the users’ lives better – physically and emotionally. But what’s even more interesting are the ways that design can subtly influence how people use space and their impressions of that space. Weaving these two together is what makes my work so rewarding.

when in the kitchen, I’m cooking...

Not often. I much prefer baking of any kind (cakes, cookies, bread). I leave the “cooking” mostly to my husband who is super inventive and way better than me!

favorite hobby and why?

Yoga or golf. Golf because I can be competitive with myself (and secretly my husband) and yoga for the peace it brings me.

best movie ever and why?

When Harry Met Sally – classic humor and great best friend love story. My guilty favorite… Clue, the movie. Yes, this actually exists and it is hilarious!