Sam LaSusa

Technical Designer

why bdh+young rules?

It just does! I have felt amazingly welcome here ever since I started. We are a close nit group of creatives that all collaborate to take great care of our clients. I love that everyone works hard and plays hard. Through watching how everyone interacts with one another, I can tell that people here really care about one another. We also do amazing work in the community, like Simpson Housing. I love that component of this firm.

why design matters?

Good design can make a huge difference in the end users comfort level. Working in the healthcare department, I have the ability through goodand well thought out design, to make an experience that is almost never fun feel a little more comfortable and easy. When one finds themselves at the doctor for any reason it is usually not fun.  I get to think about those situations and help design in a way that makes the space they enter welcoming.

when I'm not at work, I like to...

Be outside. I really enjoy going for walks around Minneapolis and exploring the area. I sometimes just go for walks with my friends and we just pick a direction and go.  It is great for discovering little restaurants and shops, as well as cool little parks and fun areas. I also like to play with my 2 cats!

favorite childhood memory?

Photography (film), I can get lost in the process. The taking the pictures, the processing the film and the developing the prints. It is creative, scientific, and personal.

favorite hobby?

Swimming in every Great Lake in one week with my dad!