Tim Knutsen

Associate AIA

Project Manager

why design matters?

Design is the foundation of turning ideas to reality.  Design allows for taking an idea and expand its use, space, look etc. beyond what is expected. It adds the color to what would be a drab lifeless surrounding.

why bdh+young rules?

CLIENT – CLIENT – CLIENT. I like working for firms that truly respects and take the client seriously.  Disrespecting a client by telling them “we know what you want” is not good for nurturing a relationship.

best movie ever and why?

Star Wars (saga). I love the story and affects. It is the kind of movie(s) that I do not need to overly think about, just sit back, eat popcorn and enjoy!

favorite hobby and why?

My favorite hobby is building plastic models kits, lego kits, etc. I get to slow down and be at peace as I focus on creating in 3-D.

when I'm not at work, I like to...

I like to travel via car to parts of the state to see what else is here. We explore the different county fairs, city events, etc. weather permitting.  While on the go we enjoy camping as it is far less stress and more peaceful.